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The patent itself will cost thousands....never mind the attorney part. A patent agent like myself can file and will cost less. There are software packages as well that will allow you to self file.


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Self filing still costs thousands of dollars? yikes. I obviously don't know anything about the process. Do you have names of recommended software?


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Another thing to keep in mind is that a patent is worthless and a poor choice if you can't afford to defend it. In fact, if you can't afford to defend it you are making it easier to be stolen. Yes it's illegal to infringe on a patent, but if someone does it will still cost you money to do something about it . Where I work we don't patent our products unless they are worth a lot of money because it can cost tens of thousands to defend. So, just make sure you really want to patent it first.

Randy Holmes-Farley

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I agree. All the patent does is give you a right to sue someone. If the people infringing are loads of tiny users (like hobbyists), it will never be worthwhile. If it might be a significant company, that could be another story.

Also, remember that a patent, even if it issues, can be found invalid later, after you've spent a lot of money getting it, maintaining it, and possibly suing someone. So you could be left with less than nothing.

I had two patents covering a huge value product. One was strong and wasn't challenged. The second, which ran a bit longer (still in effect) was deemed weaker by the generic companies trying to break it. The company finally settled with them on the eve of the trial in Federal court.