Paul B's article and thoughts


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Paul I just read your article in the new addition of reef keeping magazine and I must say it was truly a great read, I felt that this deserves its own post instead of in your aquarium topic. I feel that any aquarium hobbyist no matter what their experience level may be should read your article and not take it for granted.

I have done several things you such as take bacteria from the sea and macros, sponges, pods, and all sorts of little critters and feel that everything is healthier with that extra "additive" in the aquarium. Perhaps you run the risk of adding bad things to your aquarium but it seems like the ocean in a healthy state has a balance of both and that is something we should strive to achieve in our aquarium. A balance as in keeping certain populations in check and such.

Bravo on your article it is impressive to say the least.

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Good article. I've been hearing about algae scrubbers a lot lately. I've got some extra acrylic laying around so I think I'm going to give it a shot.

I wonder if using a reverse undergravel filter helps with keeping unwanted materials suspended in the water until they're physically removed.


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Damn it. I had to read through over 60 pages of posts and NOW HE WRITES AN ARTICLE! :(

lol, good job Paul.