PC light problems


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Ok here's the story: I have a 3 ft PC fixture that my friend gave me after he upgraded to some really nice T5's. For some reason, the actinic bulbs stopped working. Naturally, I thought it was blown. Then I decided to test that theory by putting my 10k in it, and got nothing. So after talking to a couple of people, I decided my end cap probably needed to be replaced. So I ordered one and finally had the time to work on it tonight. I'm really not good with this kind of stuff (though I'm sure there are some women out there who are), so I was wondering if I was even going to be able to figure this out. Finally got the wires out of the old end cap, and then I put them in the new one, put a bulb in, and plugged it up. No luck :thumbdown So anybody got any ideas on this one???? I thought it must have been the end cap since the other bulb was working fine...but now I don't know :sad1: