PC or MH for softies and LPS?

Edward Smith

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Geese, the issue NEVER dies!

But.....I'm reconstructing the work 17g work nano. Only plan on having softies and LPS.

A 70 watt MH seems like the easy answer but I've seen softies and LPS get bleached and shrink from too much light.

For growth and color, which have you had better EXPERIENCE with for softies and LPS? (Don't want to pay the cash for LED's and 24" T5's are tool long).



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I personaly have mixed anwer. I like lps under mh better. They seem to have bettere color than under pc but i like softies under pc but when ever i put softies under mh they never open up as much. So i think it your going mostly lps go mh if ur going mostly softy i would go pc.


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i agree, I have noticed softies love flourescent lights, i haven't kept LPS under flourescents but I have a lot under MH and they do well.