Peacock Mantis with Clown


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Has anyone had any experience good or bad with a clown fish and a Peacock Mantis in the same tank. I have a 65 gallon which will be soon housing Stewie (the mantis) because I am upgrading the 65 to a 90 reef. Then moving peacock from a small tank to the 65. Problem is I am getting two clowns with the 90 gallon tank and do not want to add a third to the mix for fear of death. Any input/experience would be good. Thanks.


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it's a crapshoot really. it all depends on the mantis' personality. some will kill on sight, some will just wait for the right moment, some follow the live and let live rule of life. depends also on how well they are fed and how much cover is available for the fish.

fwiw, I have a couple damsels in my peacock tank that have been there about a month. and clowns are just damsels with a diff name and colour.