Peacock mantis


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Well I was interested in getting one in a few months, but I am new to mantis shrimp and don't know much about there requirements....

I was thinking an acryllic tank... how many gallons should it be?
and can anyone just give me a rundown on some of the things I'd need to get beforehand?


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Re: Peacock mantis

Alot of those issues will depend on which species of mantis you actually end up getting. Many retailers call EVERY mantis a "peacock" mantis. However, unless you get a G. chiragra or a large O. scyllarus (peacock), the acrylic tank is probably not necessary and I would spare myself the extra expense if I were you. Check out Dr. Roy's pages ( for details on what size tank (gallons) different species need and any special requirements. If it's truly an O. scyllarus "peacock" that you are interested in, Dr. Roy recommends a 30 gallon tank. Most species will need a tunnel (either in liverock or pvc tube), some rubble, and some sand. Food items will vary depending on the species. O. scyllarus will eat snails and crabs. PC lighting is fine for most and some species (like O. scyllarus) will do best under dimmer lighting.

Have fun browsing Dr. Roy's pages and post any additional questions that you think of!

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