people that put all kinds of fish directly in their DT and dont get ich..

geaux xman

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my buddy put his fish directly in his current DT and been lucky to not have any bouts of ich. now he has 7 tangs and a few other small fish in a 280g. a good bit of them came from his old tank, but he just recently(last 2 weeks) added a blonde naso and purple tang.

he is playing with fire, but hes been pretty lucky. one of his old tanks he did that and had a big outbreak of ich taking out nearly everything. been lucky so far. maybe ich will present itself later, but for now, he is okay...

as for myself, you couldnt pay me money to put a fish that wasnt QT in my DT.


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Your friend's disregard for his livestock is sad. Kill a bunch of fish? No problem, he can just buy more. If we don't make every attempt to keep our fish and corals healthy, we're irresponsible.


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Being on a limited budget for my tank I cant afford to take that risk. I bought coral beauty and put him in my qt tank. 2 days latter he showed signs of ich. I treated and now he's healthier than when I got him. I cant justify losing 100s of dollars in fish like that. (my wife would kill me also)

T Diddy

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just curious, but what if the LFS keeps the water at low salinity with copper added? Is it reasonable to assume that the fish is safe if it has been there long enough...or would the constant addition of new fish negate the use of low salinity and copper?

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