People with Lunar Eclipse zoos: Typical growth rate?


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I've posted this question before but I'd like to open up discussion again.

I bought two frag plugs with lunar eclipse zoos at the end of February, fraged from the same colony. The first plug had 3 small polyps on it. It is now the end of July and it has not grown another single polyp. They are wide open every day.

Frag plug #2, had one larger polyp with a tiny one just starting off the side of it. It is now 5 months later. The tiny polyp has grown to be the size of the larger one and it has sprouted one small polyp. Again, this is over a 5 month period and these are also wide open every day.

What is everybody else getting for an average growth rate on these things?
Mine don't seem to be irritated. There's plenty of flow going over them. They're on the bottom third of my tank under T-5s and if anything, appear to be a little faded.

I don't know what else to do for them. Just curious what everybody else is getting for growth.
i dont think they grow slow at all the have doubled in 4 months for me i started with about 15 to 20 polyps
I would say that is one of my fastest growing zoas. I have mine sitting 14" down directly under a 20K 250watt halide. It is a relatively small frag and I probably get a polyp or two a month.
I had pretty good growth on a frag I got a while back, went from about 7 polyps to nearly 20 in a little over a month. They ended up melting on me out of the blue. I tried another frag more recently and I think they shipped roughly and those melted away as did another frag I got with that shipment :(
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Peter, what lighting and position did you have them under? That's rather impressive growth

They were under 6x39 w T-5s in a shady spot about 20" under the light source. This is just a gut feeling, but the ones I had seemed to go downhill as the nutrients in my tank dropped as the tank matured.
I started with 3 polyps about 4 months ago and am up to 12. They have been placed all over my tank under a 6-54w T5 TEK fixture and the growth is similar at all spots, but the color faded out in higher light.
Yep ;) Yours look slightly different than mine. But if it turns out to be the same, i'll glue it to my frag :D