Peppermint harassment


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Got a peppermint shrimp about a week ago and the last couple days he's been harassing my rock flower anemone non stop to the point where he's completely closed up. Has anyone had this happen? Would like to keep the shrimp to eat aiptasia in the tank if at all possible. Thoughts?


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He's probably hungry. Try feeding him. Mine come up to me whenever I stick my hand in the tank because they know it brings food.


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I had a hawk fish that was a picky eater and I had an aptasia problem. The Peppermint shrimp solved both problems.


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I loved shrimp until I found out that most are pest. Now I just feed them to my triggers. :) haha just kidding.

Yeah, shrimp are annoying though. They will steal food from your Nems! Lil turds...arr


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I was having the same 'lazy shrimp!' problem for the first month of them... Decided after a week and some that they probably weren't going to eat the aiptasia, started looking for a better fix, fed them like I fed everything else, and eventually they stopped coming out for food, and I started seeing less aiptasia. Now I never see them unless I switch on the lights after lights out and I see them scamper back into a hole.

Editted for correct timeline... I said months than weeks, and it was more like... one month lol.