Peppermint Shrimp Carrying Eggs


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I just got a peppermint shrimp to take care of aptasia and I picked a larger one not aware that it was carrying eggs. The tank the shrimp went into was my 12 gallon nano. The only other inhabitants are an emerald crab and a purple firefish. Will the eggs hatch or will they end up getting ate by the crab? Anyone else had their shrimp have babies.


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Dont think anyone has been able to raise the fry but i could be mistaken.

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they may hatch but ur filteration system will take care of them. unless u have a breeding tank they will not survive.


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I believe the peppermints are not too difficult to raise compared to the near impossible skunk cleaner, but very unlikely to survive on their own.


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peppermint shrimp are relatively easy to raise. Check out and/or (also There may be a few articles in the archives too, it's worth a shot.


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Ok, thanks. Best case scenario they live and I can populate our 3 other tanks. and sell back to LFS, as he bought the special Florida Keys strain for me so it would hopefully eat aptasia.