peps in a bucket.


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I guess I will try to answer..
It would depend on what you have in with them. Air stone, I wouldn't let them go for more that 24 to 36 hours. Filter and some water changes/chem additions, maybe 48 hours plus.

What's wrong that you have to ask???


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is putting a bit of rock, small heater, and a small source of flow in the bucket a problem? If not, i see no reason they couldnt live in a bucket just as long as they'd live in a tank...


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I have 4 pep's that I no longer want in my tank. I told someone I had these guys and that I was getting rid of them. althou I do not have any where to put them other than a 2 1/2 gallon tank. so thats where they went. if this person doesn't contact me by tomarrow. I must find these guys a new home. I have 4 large peps. I threw a very small power head in the tank. I am wondering if they would be ok i my fuge? my fuge has large hermits in it.