Percula clowns and anenome's


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I just bought a anenome and it had a maroon in it. i thouhgt my perc might go in it but he isnt. do maroons tend to go in them more? also can i get a maroon if i allready have a percula clown?
More of an anemone/clownfish forum question, but I will be happy to help. First off, what kind of anemone is it? If it is the "BTA" then yes, maroons do prefer these anemones. However, they are not one of the preferences of percula clowns. For your size tank, I would not recommend (at all) adding a maroon clown with your perc.
It is a bit small, but judging from the picture, it appears to be Condylactis gigantea--a non "hosting" type, as it is from the atlantic. It is difficult to say whether or not the percs will accept this type of anemone, but I will say that it happens more often than one might think.
the maroon was " all up in it " from where i bought it. do you have a email i could send you the bigger picture.
I agree that it looks like a Condy, and it's tough to predict if your clownfish will host in it. I also wouldn't add a maroon to the tank, because it will probably kill the percula.