Pesky Pests!!


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Ok couple quick questions since the search never works.

1. (hydriods) are there any natural predators that can be kept in a reef tank? what are some other way to deal with these things?

Joes Juice?

2. (bubble algae) I purchased 6 emerald crabs for my 55gallon to try to controll this problem back on 1/25/07. So far I can't tell any change (other than my coralline). Do they only eat the spores or the smaller bubbles?

Thanks fellow reefers


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What kind of hydroids?

I can't seem to kind a solution for the colonial tube kind. I even tried maual removal off all my rock and they are still taking over.


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I dont know the exactly what kind they are, but they don't appear to have tubes.

Any one have any ideas about the driods and bubbles other than the 4 month dark treatment?