Pet Co Appleton east side IO salt bucket $27.29


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Pet Co Appleton east side

I stopped at the new Pet Co in Appleton east side and ask if they price match, the answer was yes. A bucket 160 gallon of IO salt. I used a printed add from Pet Smart online store and they matched it and gave me another 6.30 off for my pet co members card.

And the grand total was $ ---------------------------- $27.29 yes I said it right $ 27.29 I will be going back tonight to see if I can but a few more buckets…

Original price $ 62.99

Price match of $31.99

Pals coupon $6.30

Sub total $ 25.69
Tax $1.60

Total $27.29


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Smart people...

I didn't know the new store was open yet. I'll have to check it out. Fish selection decent at all?


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Yes it is. I like the tile floor it looks like waves, and above all the tanks the have a beautiful Plexiglas surround with an ocean/fish print in it. One of the sale guys pointed out to me that he is pretty sure they can order anything.


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Wow, great deal! How did you get the extra $6.30 taken off? Was it a in-store special for petpal account holders?


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i order my salt from dr. foster and smith i think they are still running that deal 25% off shipping for my whole order and 2 buckets of reef crystals was something like 12.99 does petco have only io?