petco 1/gal


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did anyone score a 40br at the recent sale ?

i ALWAYS miss it, even though i signed up fot the newsletter.
ive been missing it for the last 4 years, without fail.



I missed it too....I was hoping to get a few 40 gallon breeders for 3 QT Tanks I'd link together:( Happen to know when next sale happens? If not, I might be looking at another solution for my QTs.

***I really wish they put 75 gallon tank on $1 sale as that's a good size for fuge/sumps.


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I got one as well going to set up as a new tank and convert my BC14 over to something. Thinking an anemone tank with some LR and keep my clown in it.


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They seem to be happenig more frequently lately. This sale followed the same sale only about 1 month ago.


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I called on Monday am pretty sure they said it was good 10 – 27 I would call first. They only had seven left.


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I got a 20 long for a QT 3 days ago. My wife wouldn't let me get a 40 breeder because she didn't want me turning it into another saltwater frag tank lol.


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Nope all I got was my car towed. Went in to get a tank. Couldn't find anyone to help me (as usual). So we walked across the parking lot to get something to grab something quick to eat. Came back, car was gone. I guess they had a delivery truck that couldn't get through, even though we were in a clearly marked space. They couldn't find us in the store and towed us. Not even gone for a half hour... Sort of understand, but they always end up burning me some how... instead of a $40 40B, I got an big laughing smile from the manager and a $150 towing bill... :xlbirthday:


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it is still going on right now till the 22nd. this time it is on only 10g, 20l, and 40. last time it was on all rectangular tanks 55g and under. the reason for the difference is last sale was more aquatic focused and this time it is more reptile focused and those are the size tanks that are most used for reptiles.

on a side note it is only on what is on hand at that time rainchecks are not able to be given. if the store near you doesnt have one just ask the manager when their next truck is or to transfer one from another store.