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you can order salt online and get free shipping. if they still have that offer and use the 5$ discount. comes from their warehouse in iny takes about 1-2 days to get it via UPS.


Capn Jack Sparrow
The Petsmart store around the corner had IO for $25.99/50 gallon bag last time I stopped by.
The online price is $16.99, even with another 5$ off it is still more than the everyday price at both Phishy and Reef Systems.

The price on the buckets is a little better at $35.99, but reef systems price is $32.99.
The Petsmart by me does not carry the buckets.

Plus Todd at Reef Systems now has Reef Crystals for $39.99/bucket.
That is where I will get my salt when my current bucket runs out.

The Clam I got there is doing great! The cabbage leather has quadrupled in size in 3 months.