PFO Ballasts


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Are these ballasts good? Its looking like the prices on the ARO ( have gone up now that bulbs aren't $20 anymore. So I was looking around and figured I could get a PFO Dual 250w ballast and all the stuff for cheaper than

I know a lot of people use this.. any major flaws?
pfo has good customer service also. i had a capasitor go bad after four years and i called them up and it was only $16 to fix my ballast. now as far as hellolights goes i sent them two emails with a question about one of there ballast and never received a reply except the automated one stating that they received my email. go with pfo, you wont be disappointed. eric
i've used pfo for about 4 years. the only problem i ever had is the on/off swtiches broke and that was without timer so the switches got alot of use. pfo is what i recommend.
I have the pfo ballast for 2 250watt single ended bulbs. It works every day, and has been for nearly 6 years.
I would buy another one without hesitation, but I think I will get one designed for the double ended bulbs because they are much brighter (in my opinion).
Alright guys, thanks for all the opinions. Seems like they are pretty well built then.

Going to run to the LFS tonight and see the prices..