pH 8.2-8.3 Calcium 460, ALK 11.6, orp 135?

I set up a new tank a few months ago, and i have been monitoring my params closely. Its a 30 gallon cube SPS only tank. It is supported by a 50 gallon fuge with 100 lbs of live rock, a kalkwasser reactor, a calcium reactor, a Aqua C EV 180 skimmer, and a sanders 50 mg ozone machine.

A aquacontroller III controls the ozone and the feed pump to the calcium reactor. A litermeter III controls feeds the kalkwasser reactor at 1/2 gallon per day. The two additional pumps for the litermeter are set up on a auto water exchange at the rate of 1/2 gallon per day.

The water is crystal clear, the polyp extension is great, and everything is just taking off. My calcium and alk have been at this level for a bit over a week. Im my eyes, its two high. What risk do i run at these levels? WHy is my ORP so pathetic? Im guessing dirty probe? But if its not, what else can cause this low orp?

No with swings.
Temp swings between 74-78
PH swings between 8.1-8.3
OPR swings from 155-135

I am going to add more heaters and put some fans on the aquacontroller to tighten up the temp swings, i have no idea what to do with the PH swings..
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I think your PH is fine and if the swing is from low to high light cycle that is about normal, I never had constant temps untill I put the heaters on a controller, that is the only way to go.