PH issue or just overreacting


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First off here are my parameters....

29 gallon FOWLR up and running for 1 1/2 months
1 clownfish
2 snails
1 crab
20lbs of liverock

ammonia - 0
nitrites - 0
nitrate - <10 p.p.m.
ph - 8.4
salinity - 1.023
temp - 79

My question is.....are my PH levels ok? I have read many opinions on here concerning ph levels and i just want to make sure mine are ok for my livestock and future livestock. The ph level has been the exact same since the inception of the tank. Any help would be appreciated!!!!

Certainly it is an acceptable level. How are you measuring it? Measuring pH can be a bit inaccurate at times. But, I would, over time increase salinity closer to 1.025.
8.4 ph is fine. I would also be curious to know how you are testing your ph. Also are you dosing anything to the tank?