PhosBan Reactor 150 - Opinions wanted


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Hi everyone,

I am considering purchasing a PhosBan phosphate reactor to lower my phosphates. I have been running PhosGuard in a media bag in my sump with slow results. Can anyone give me their opinion on this unit or an alternate and better method (if there is one). Thank you!
The PhosBan 150 is sold by whom?? What media is used?? I am considering such a thing as well but have just started looking into them.
sold by 2 little fishies, use with phosban, rowas, or any media. i would get one for the price u cant beat it
has anyone REALLY noticed a difference in the various brands of phosphate removal media on the market?? Again, I have only tried PhosGuard
Phosguard is only good for the initial reduction of phosphates... run it for the first 4 days before adding the reactor. The two little fishes reactor was copied by kent, so you can get either. Once you get the reactor then Run Phosban; changing the media whenever phosphates are detectable in your test. I run 2 TLF phosban reactors on my 260 with great results.
Had mine for many months now and has always worked good reducing/eliminating phosphate. I run it with the phosban media. Though, I've been thinking about switching sometime to a Deltec fluidized media reactor with ROWAphos instead. I really need another one on my 180 if I stuck with the TLF product. Just not professional/commercial enough for me, IMO. Big bucks though with Deltec.
i just got the Kent Phos Reactor but have not started running it yet, ill fill you in in a few weeks.

here it is, its hooked up to a maxijet that pulls from the sump and dumps back into the sump.


That's a lot of media in there. How many teaspoons or whatever is that? What brand do you use?

I usually use about 2-3 teaspoons of phosphate removal media in mine.

I have heard warnings about reducing your phosphate too fast too strong that it COULD cause problems for SPS corals. Did you notice any problems?

I run mine layered with phosban media and carbon, pumped by a mini pump (500gph), It works very well.
thats 150g.

Directions say 50g per 100 and I have a 110.

So yea, I'm probably a little over filled. No problems. I've been using the phosban for about a year now.

Next time I'll probably use 100g and maybe try some carbon in there with it.

Most important thing is to run the first 3 to 4 gallons of water into a bucket and dump to remove the dust.