Phosban Reactor operation question


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Got the "Two Little Fishies" phosban reactor from Marine Depot, representative recommended using the Mini Jet 404 so got this also. I have read many people use the MJ 400. Anyway, set up last night and 3 inches of Phosban media appears stagnate, only grandules at very top are girating. I have read it should appear that it looks like boiling water at top. Should it look like all phosban media is moving or just the top part of the 3 inches of media I put in? Thanks for any advise


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You should see some movement at the bottom. The reactor should slowly be circulating the media from bottom to top. Basically, try to get as much flow as possible while having an inch or two of clear water at the top of the reactor.

Sounds like you could use a bit more flow.


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Talked to manufacturer of product, they said top of media at bottom should be barely moving. If dial back ball valve should see it settle slightly. The design, they stated, insures it is passing through all grandules. Avoidance of pulverizing media is achieved this way, they said.


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i use a MJ1200 to feed 2 TLF reactors and 1 calcium reactor.

I put a ball register to restrict the flow before the reactors.

My GFO media have a slowly movement within the reactor. It´s work preaty good.