phosphate removal?


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Hi everyone! Hello from England!:wave:
This is a great website!!!:rollface:
I need help with a question please....
My tank has been set up for 8 days--the live rock went in 8 days ago with a frozen prawn which has just about disappeared now. My test readings have never shown any detectable ammonia and I still have a trace of nitrites (0.01ppm). Nitrates are between 1 and 5 ppm. Phosphates are at 0.03ppm.
I am getting a certain amount of hairy algae growing on some of the rocks, also some algae that look like tiny bright green feather dusters.
My question is: should I be running a Phosphate remover at this stage? My LFS said it would be wasted at this point but others have said you should run it from the beginning.....:confused:

Thanks for any advice you can give me!


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I would take out the prawn it sounds like it has done its job. I would say yes on the phosphate remover, more phosphates in your tank cause’s more algae. Just my 2¢.


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I suppose for the cost of a reactor, pump, and media at 60$'s why not. The more you can do to combat phosphates the better. Are you running a skimmer or a refugium? Sounds like Hair Algae may be starting to creep up on you. I have beaten it twice after 6 months both times and as many will say on here it is much better if you prevent it before hand.