Phosphate+Silicate Magnet - Reef safe?


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I won this stuff in a raffle at a meeting for my local fish club. I'm wondering if it's reef safe. Would be it useful to use like carbon or phosbane?

It's made by Marc Weiss Companies, their website doesn't have much information on it. Listed ingredients are: Iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, molybdenum, and copper.




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I would not use that stuff, I don't really like his products. If you have a phosphate problem, I would use Magnavore PURA Complete. I just started using this stuff & it is absolutely the best product that I have ever used.


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I have seen this before and questioned it myself. The feedback I got wasn't very good. I actually called the company about the copper ingredient and the fact that it is not good for many inverts. They told me it was still reef safe. Scared me enough to keep from using it.

That being said... I do not have personal experience with it. Hopefully someone who used the product will know better than me.


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Copper is toxic to alot of stuff in a reef tank. Forget it.
So are Iron and Aluminum, and people dont think twice about using the phosphate removers made out of them.