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Hey guys/gals I am wanting your opinions on what are your favorite photography magazines or graphic design magazines?

I was in the doctors office a few months ago and was skimming through one that had great how- to's and different techniques in photoshop to use and so forth. Real inspirational and not your usual magazine that just writes reviews over the newest cameras each month, problem is that I dont remember which mag it was?

My gf has been asking what to get me for a birthday present and I think a few subscriptions would be great! So I need your help fast!!!

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Good question. I'd like to hear what others are reading as well. I've enjoyed seeing the images in Digital Photo Pro. They remind me how far I have to go in my photography journey. PC Photo is a bit more "here's how you do it".


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Nature's Best Photography (

It is not a tutorial mag at all. It's a quarterly mag with some of the most incredible photos you could ever see. Very inpirational if you ask me. I actually had the good luck of having one of my images used for the cover a few years ago.
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A nice free photography magazine is Rangefinder. It has some nice feature articles, and photoshop tutorials every once in a while and also product reviews. The focus of their magazine ranges from landscape photography to portrait photography. The quality of the magazine is actually very nice, but best of all, its free!!

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