PhytoPlankton with Reefdoser question


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I have been reworking my sump and electrical this weekend and next weekend I plan on setting up a Reefdoser pump.

I plan on dosing a mix of Strontium, Coral-Vite, Essential Elements, and Iodine with one channel. And the other channel I was going to dose phytoplankton.

Anyone have experience or suggestions with the best way to dose the phytoplankton; I am using DT's it says to keep refrigerated. Can I set out a weeks worth in the doser? Does a weeks worth it need to be stirred/agitated?

And lastly is there another alternative to DT's live; something that will work well in a doser? Also cheaper would be nice! :bum:


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I'm actually interested in starting some phyto cultures as I noted in this thread:

If I can't find any local supply (and I've failed so far, none of the local stores I've tried have live cultures, and no one here in the club has spoken up yet) I was planning on ordering some live cultures from florida aquatics, and if other people are interested (someone in the other thread already spoke up), we could of course all combine the orders to save on shipping.

Using DTs to start a culture is risky, mostly because they use several strains, and they tend to outcompete each other in a culture for food, often leading to crash when the ones that lose die and foul the culture. It can work, it's just unreliable.


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i would not leave phyto in a bottle for a week unless you have a airpump or something moving the water and you can keep it at a stable temp (not into the mid/upper 80's). also-yes needs to be stirred at least weekly, in or out of your fridge.



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I wouldn't dose the items you have mentioned all of those items are easily replenished with water changes and with the coralvite you run the risk of an algae bloom also never dose anything you are not testing for!