Picked up some Lps, Need feeding help


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Hi all,
I just bought a red open brain and a white bubble coral for my tank.
Currently have both sitting on the bottom of the sandbed under a 96 watt powerquad in my 10 gallon tank.
What does each coral need to be fed and how often?
Currently I have frozen mysis shrimp, but can get something else if thats not their cup of tea.


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i feed my green bubble cyclopeez, and formula one. i have fed it krill, frozen plankton, and froxen brine shrimp. i found it likes the formula one, and cyclops better than anything else. i indirectly feed mine everyday and directly feed everyother. its sweeper tentacles are almost always extended and willing to accept food all day long and night.i would make the food as small as possible, it can take in larger food but may have difficulty digesting big stuff.


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The brain needs meatier food at least once a week. Like silversides, squid, table shrimp. Stuff that is higher in protein and fatty acids and whatnot. Brine shrimp is considered by most to be a snack, like tatter chips. But all the other foods mentioned above will work fine, I would just add a meatier food once a week.


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I guess the bubble will eat day or night.
What about the brain? Does it prefer to eat when the lights are on or off?
Thanks for the help guys. I'm thinking of just using the mysis I have on hand now, and perhaps soaking in in selcon or something to enrich it even more.
Thanks again.


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Open brains usually feed after lights out. You'll know because it will deflate and its tentacles will come out in a ring surrounding the mouth. Mine usually takes ~30min-45minutes to put out its tentacles. Some people like to feed them in the morning before the lights turn on.

The simplest way to feed them it to thaw/soak the food in a cup then turn off your powerheads/CL and feed it with a turkey baster.
Get the baster tip real close to the brain and slowly spray the food out. Aim for the tentacles not the mouth and it should grab almost all the food.