Picking the best powerhead


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Hi! I just bought a 28 gallon bowfront and I would like to have a mixed reef with some softies and LPS and further into the process some SPS. I was wondering what would give me the best flow and which brand powerhead would be the best"¦. Ultimately I would like an Mp10 but my teacher salary is not allowing me to make that purchase just yet. So I was wondering which would be best option"¦here are the options"¦This is my first saltwater tank"¦

2X Hydor koralia nano 240gph

1 Hydor Koralia Evolution 550

1 Tunze nano stream 660 gph



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I have a 20g long and do not do the hydor nano's they are very weak. The tunze would be good for the size but really a vortech mp-10 is your best bet but expensive


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i go with vortech to have a mp10 on a 24 gallon it works great only half way and it comes with controller has a sleep mode and feed mode