Pics of my Black Osc's new friend


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I think Duane, my black oscellaris, was feeling a little lonely. I'm not even sure he's Duane anymore. (S)he might even be Duana now. So I picked him/her up a buddy. He was introduced yesterday, and so far no problems. The new guy has shown some submissive behavior. The getting sideways and doing the fluttering thing. That's a good sign, isn't it?

Now, if they'd just find/host the anemone I put in last week.

Waiting for his friend.


I put a couple flakes in the bag to see if he'd eat. He did.




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I was told a normal osc.. They could be wrong I guess.
Are the black edges on it's lower fins a sign of it not being a normal, and instead possibly being a black osc.?

When I first got my black he was smaller than the new guy is. And he was much darker, with the back half of it's body being black.


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Love it... I had a black & orange pair like that before our move to NJ... I miss mine... I just love the contract of the black & white to corals


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I'm assuming they are a pair right?

Yes they are a pair, theres 2 of them.:lol: It looks like theyve taken to each other nicely. As for a mated pair only time will tell.


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congrats on the pairing, my black and orange took a long while before even swimming with each other. The best thing about the orange and black pair is when they swim very closely when the tank is lit only by actinic lights. Very interresting.


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Yeah I had a nice group of orange and black Ocellaris clowns. Too bad they found interest in my carpet anemone. It ate them. I miss them.