Pics of new tank !


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Ok here is my new 29gallon Bio Cube.. I have about 18lbs. of live rock in it now, along with 10 snails.
Here are a couple shots that I want some ideas with.
I want to know if this set up will be good to hold a good amount of corals and keep my fish happy with lots of places to adventure through.
Front Far Away

Front Close

Front Top

Right Side

Left Side


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I think the liverock looks cool so far. You could definitely put more in, though.
I would be careful not to stack the rocks too close to the sides of the glass though, which is sometimes difficult in the BioCubes. (it makes cleaning the sides with the magnet a pain =/ )

good luck !


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If you have the regular 29BC lighting on it, any of your basic corals should be fine.
Zoas, mushrooms, candycane, fungia, favia, xenia, blastomussa (wellso and merletti), pretty much all types of open and closed brains, small leathers (the yellow figi looks really cool in BC's IMO)... I'm sure there's more I just can't think of at the moment.
I wouldn't put any clams or SPS in there tho. except maybe green monti.


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Looks good.. i agree another rock on one side, more of a seperate island look and more places for corals.


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so what shape should I look for?
I cant get a better picture of the top area but you can kinda see that there are two pieces that make up the top level.


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Do you think the fish would like a piece that would go on top or do I have enough room to put something that sticks out toward the front of the glass?
Any suggestions welcome!