PIF: Aptasia-eating Filefish

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Mr. Peckham needs a new home. I have him in a trashcan with live rock infected with aptasia and they seem to be too prolific/ too big for him to eat faster than they can reproduce. So I am going to dry the rock out, and give up on my little project. He is a really cool fish, tons of personality. He has been suspected of eating palys and zoas, so beware. He takes small to medium sized aptasia out pretty quick, but the monsters that I have might just be too daunting a task for this little fella'.

He is free to a GOOD HOME, through a pass it forward program.

I will be somewhat picky because I like him :)

no pictures, they all look the same anyway

pick up in Dana Point


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You should get some berghia instead of drying that rock. They eat Aiptasia of all sizes and will reproduce if there's plenty of it for them to eat. Then you can sell them for a serious profit. And if you keep just enough for the aiptasia to keep living and berghia to keep reproducing you'll have some nice cash for the rest of this addiction, uh, I mean, hobby.

Good luck finding him a home!