PIF: Unknown Anenomes


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Got 1 from wpnorton when I set up my first tank. Has split 3 times - 4 total. They are brown with a tinge of green on the tentacles. All are about 3 - 4" in diameter when fully extended. Take 1, 2, 3, or all.

One disclaimer: 2a373 had asked for anenomes and I'm waiting to hear back from him. He has first dibs. Will rack and stack by posts on this thread after him.





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They are BTA's. I have some very similar to yours. Some BTA's or RBTA's can eventually grow to look like this, who knows why..

The tentacles on mine have gotten so long before that they almost reach the surface of a 29g tank while attached to a rock on the bottom. :eek2:

This is the only one I had left until I split it a couple of days after this pic was taken. Now I have two. :rollface:


:D The clowns love 'em



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all have found a new home. kevin was nice meeting you and your wife!

randy - thanks for the info.