pink eyed chalice


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I just received a very nice pink eyed chalice from Dr. Mac and I am hoping for some hints/tips/suggestion for care of this nice new coral? :beachbum: Thanks.


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Medium light. Medium flow. I dont feed my chalice. They take care of themselves. I have quite a few that do very well being left alone.


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I have a few morphs of pink eye echinophyllia that I have fairly high up in my tank, I noticed the pink seemed to be more vibrant up higher.


Top left is a pink eyed red chalice, opposite right is a lavender w/ pink(Dr.Mac's) eyes, below the red is Dr.Mac's"bloodshot chaice",and bottom left is a bonus of possibly mycedium?but is teal w/pinkish orange eyes.Very happy w/ my purchase.



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Picture was phocused for the acro so does not do them justice now that I look at am heheh:rolleyes:


You gotta get your priorities straight. :)