pink water i am new


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pink water help my son put a hole jar or flake food in my 125gal now my water is pink and i can bearly see the fish i did like a 30% water change and will keep doing it every day now my question is i have a 55 galon set up in my room its been qbout 3 weeks now its cycled and i have 4 fish in their if i take my 125gal down and put all my fish in the 55gal and do a complet water change in the 125 and cycle in again ? is that wise or is that my only option ? i would like some input. thank you you guys are great.. keep up the good work!!! it cause of people like you that make it possible for people like me to learn some good reliable info thank you:)

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30% per day should clear it up. Check your ammonia/nitrate levels to see if you need more drastic actions. Cut your son's thumbs off... :)



Being flake you should be able to catch a lot of it with a net but that would take quite a bit of time. I would look into using a canister filter with floss in it or some other form of mechanical filtering for a few days to collect and trap the food. Be sure to clean it frequently though.


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You said your 55g. is 3 weeks old? Transferring all your fish here would put too much of a load on a 3 week old tank, normally it is recommended to only add one fish at a time to allow your tank to adapt to the load, so this would not be an option