Pipefish laid eggs!


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I was unsure if I had a true pair of D. pessuliferus as, other than one has a redder snout, they look almost identical. Well, proof was in the pudding as they have laid eggs and the bigger one is carrying them on his belly.

They are bright red-orange, matching the stripe colour of the parents. I would estimate 24-30 in total, as they are in a double row on the abdoman and I can count 13 (?) on each side. I missed the mating dance, which I presume took place behind the rocks in a cave-like area of the tank, their hang-out.

Anyone have experience with this fish? If I cannot find anything on raising the young, I plan to treat them as baby seahorses and cross my fingers. Do you think the parents will consider the babies food?


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Here is a shot of the male carrying the eggs. The sexes are almost identical, although my female shows a redder snout. If this is just coincidental I do not know.


Here is the female. She is considerably smaller than the male.

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Well to raise the fry you are pretty much on your own. Not much info online or in books. I can tell you a couple of things and they are that the fry are very small and need rots. Also the parents of my banded pipefish eat all the babies before i ever see them.

Oh and my banded pipes breed every 8 days or so at 75 degrees.



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man, you just convinced me to buy a bigger tank so i can throw in some pipefish. those things are awesome!


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sweet... that would be cool to raise..... but i doubt its worth your time or $$$4


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sorry wrong website..i deleted the real one on accident.

All that i remember from the website is to feed the fry rodifers and newly hatched brine shrmp.
Also keep the parents well fed to ensure that they dont eat the fry.
;) :rollface: ;)