Pistol shrimp FS


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Hey all I have an about 1.5 inch Caribbean pistol that's up for sale. I want to get sell him as he is Very aggressive towards my fish and I suspect he killed :furious: two of my clown fish. He also can be aggressive towards inverts too if they don't keep their distance. He is a very cool shrimp and I can always hear his little pistol going *Snap*:uzi:. I'd bet he'd be OK with larger fish/ inverts but I'm not so sure. Again if you have smaller fish or inverts; I wouldn't recommend getting him, but he is still very cool. I don't have a picture as of now but here is a really good representation of what he looks like in the link.

- $10 or Trade for a frag.
- Pickup in Gurnee, IL


Thanks, Damian.