Placement of Coral


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I picked up my second piece of coral yesterday and I'm trying to plan ahead with my placement. My aquascaping is composed of about 5 large rocks that really can't be removed from the tank without disturbing the sand bed and messing everything up.

I know that at some point my corals will need fragged once they grow and I start running out of space. If I were to superglue them to the rock work, how do you go about removing them to frag once the time comes?

I just don't want to super glue them now and then have to rip the entire tank apart to remove them later. But I do have places where I want to put them that will require super glue / epoxy to get them to stay and not be knocked over.

Oh, and on a side note, did I make a huge mistake buying a piece of Galaxy Coral? It's about the size of a baseball, and was an impulse buy. Apparently they are highly aggressive, more so than my hammer, and will kill anything they sting. At some point I want to add SPS corals, but not for awhile.


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depending on what kind of corals you are thinking gluing down. for SPS, you can glue them down and when it is time to frag, just cut it with a bone cutter in the tank and you don't have to take them out. for LPS, i think some people just leave them on the sandbed so it is easy to move them. i can't comment on the galaxy coral since I never had them, but I assume if you have enough space, just place them a couple of inches between them and other corals.