Planning Stage of a New 450 Mix Reef Tank


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Hello Everyone,

I am starting this planning tread because I hope I can get some advice from some of the great people that have inspired me to do such a large build.

My current tank is a 225 Deep Sea Aquatic tank. I started the 225 with no real idea of what I was doing or what it took to run a large reef tank. The tank has had its ups and downs and there are things that I am not happy with which is why I want to be prepared for this new tank.

As my title states I am planning to build a 450 gallon mixed reef tank. The tank will be 96" x 30" x 36". Before I get into to much detail I must tell everyone that this tank won't be born for another year and half but I wanted to put plenty of planning time into this tank. I plan to start an official build thread when the time gets closer.

So here are the first questions:

1) Aquarium Glass or Acrylic? I am leaning towards sapphire glass but I wanted to see if anyone had any big reasons to choice acrylic for a tank this size.

2) Aquarium Manufacturers? I am planning on getting quotes from Miracles, DSA, AGE and Coast to Coast. But wanted to see if there was any manufacturers that I was missing or does anyone have a reason to not buy from a manufacturer.

3) Protein skimmer? I have read through several tank builds that are similar in size but I never noticed what protein skimmer people are using and would they use them again. If anyone has any suggestions on which skimmer to use I would be grateful.

Lastly to make sure this isn't a text only post here is some pictures of my current set up.