Plans for a small in-sump skimmer.


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Ok people, I'm thinking that I might attempt to mod my Red Sea Max to add a sump in the bottom of my stand. I've already done some research and it looks like lifereef can manufacture a siphon overflow box for the Red Sea Max so the ability to get water over the edge is there.

I'm looking to replace the original skimmer which is a Tunze Prizm derivative with something a little more powerful in the sump. The problem with this is the that sump area will be small, probably a stock 10 gallon or a little bit larger sump that I might be able to build myself out of acrylic but nothing probably bigger than 15 gallons.

Has anyone tried to make a smaller skimmer, one for nano tanks? The total water volume would probably be between 40-45 gallons once the sump was in place.

Thanks for the help.