Plant or algae?


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Hey all.

Got a fairly new tank running and just started to notice this growth.

It's on cured LV from Fiji and it looks like flat leaves with a red/green tint and it's fairly coarse and stiff to the touch.

Any ideas, and... do I need to pull this stuff off the rock?

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Not a whole lot there to make a guess from!!! From what little bit of leaf I can see I'd venture a guess that its a brown algae. Maybe Sargassum or Dictyota trying to get started. Some browns, like a few specie of Dictyota, spread laterally across rock and from fragments and are difficult to control. Others like Sargassum are very easy to control and can be quite nice to look at. Hard to get Sargassum unless it comes in on live rock and can be difficult to keep going as the tank matures.

Anyway, I'm rambling, really can't tell much from the pic. If you're scared it will run amuck in your tank then kill it before it grows....