Plants Growing on LR? What are they?


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Can someone please help? I have these green plants growing on my LR. Is it bad? The tank is a month old and has cycled. Any help is appreciated!!


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I would try and remove it. Pull out as much as you can with your fingers, and add a few turbo snails to help with the rest. (fingers crossed)
You might need something like an urchin though, if the turbo snails don't work out. GL.


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Just make sure to pull out as much as you can first. You want to prune it all the way down to the rocks if you can. GL.


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I also think some kind of turf algae but I also think I see some bubble algae (green balls). Get rid of it. It spreads like crazy and the only thing I know of that will eat it is emerald crabs. Also beware of urchins... they do a pretty good job but they will also eat/scrape the coralline algae right off the rock.