playing with Vodka


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I have a nitrate level of 8 and I want it closer to a 2 or 3 if I can. I have been dosing .4ml of Vodka (carbon) in the am & pm, my question is this a safe amount and can I step it up more.
search "vodka" in the search function, there are dozens and dozens of threads with explicit instructions based on what worked for others.....Pretty sure holmes farley has chimed in on several also...


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There's a chart.
Can somebody post it?



I prefer just vinegar as well and I worked up to around 100ml per day dosed only during the day time in my 180. From what I've seen posted by others (tmz I think) it's common to go anywhere between .4-.8 ml/g a day for 5% vinegar alone. Some will mix the two or other carbon sources and some more math will be needed to adjust the quantity of each.