Please add all creatures who eat aiptasia here


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Peppermint shrimp, File fish (which kinds? More than 1?, not sure), Klein's Butterfly, Copperbanded Buttefly.

I am looking for options because I don't want to have a fish shipped, I would like to just be able to find one I can "borrow".

My Coral Banded Shrimp eats all my peppermint shrimp, they are out.

This is just a 10 gallon, It's going to be the only fish in there for a while and then I will give it back or find a new home if it's going to be a big fish.

Are there any other fish that eat aiptasia, and which file fish do it? Any others besides the ones that look like a leaf?


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Id get rid of the cb and get some peps. Also depending on how much you have look into something like aptasia x, or the electric zapper. There can't be that much in a 10 gal and not a lot of fish that eat aptasia will fit in that.


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How big are the aiptasia? I had a problem with them and picked up two Peppermint Shrimp that were fairly small to take care of the problem and they never even got close to them because these aiptasia were huge. Try Aiptasia-X if you can't figure anything else out, worked for me (knock on wood)


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I can't catch the CBS :/

Someone suggested a trap but then I asked what kind and no one said. Suppose I should have asked again...I just don't have a lot of room for kind of trap would trap a coral banded shrimp? I have had him a long time, I was kind of just waiting for him to get old and die. I can take care of the big aiptasia with vinegar and do it regularly, but there are many many small ones. I had a peppermint before the CBS and he did a wonderful job.

I would like a matted file fish but heard they are not hardy so I didn't wanna have the reef shop have one shipped especially, dude said they never arrive all that healthy, maybe that's just him?

Do you guys have a specific place to order fish online that is pretty good with keeping them healthy? I would order one if I was confident it would arrive healthy. I wouldn't mind having that as an only fish.

If it were a butterfly of any kind it would only be there temporarily, and be a younger smaller specimin.


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K I just ordered 5 of those Berghia. They look pretty cool. Hope the shrimp doesn't eat them. If he does, well, oh well I tried. SOMETHING has to work.

Meanwhile, anyone know what kind of trap to use for a coral banded shrimp?

Thank you :)


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Since you have a smaller tank i would think about using a 16-20 ounce soda bottle (throughly washed out and cleaned. I would cut off the upper quarter to third area (where one would drink from) and flip it around. So the area you drink from is now in the bottle. I would glue it, put some food in it and wait overnight. I am not sure how big your CB is, but it should work. This is just what I do anyway.