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Bongo Shrimp

P. ceratophthalma
Just did a water change and EVERY single brittle star came out of hiding and went CRAZY. I also saw that some were releasing white smoky stuff. Are they mating or was there a chemical cause.

The fish, coral and shrimp seem fine, but my feather star may be a bit unhappy too. (don't want anything to happen to the feather star)

I had this happen before, when the pH shot up, but I tested the pH and it is normal.

Please advise---

mr pink floyd

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mass spawning. run carbon, get ready to do another water change soon. keep an eye on your nitrate & ammonia too fir the next day or two


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Hows sunday for the next water change? I'm going out of town.

Depends on if you get a big spike or not. ;) If you do, it may cause problems, so you might want to do another water change prior to leaving, just to be safe. For what its worth, this kind of thing often goes unnoticed and doesn't *usually* cause problems.


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ya, sounds kind of cool, way to go, you are doing something right!

run carbon, keep the skimmer clean, and do another water change, you should be fine