Please help! Green Slimer discharging brown substance!

Ralph ATL

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Please help! Green Slimer is discharging brown substance from tip. I've had it about 2 weeks now, and I acclimated it for 2 hours before placing it in tank. I dripped, then dipped in iodine for 5 minutes, then I let it air out for 5 minutes while I glued it with gel super glue.

Tank is 9 months old. Bio load is heavy with fish, but I do 10% water changes weekly. I use a poly filter. I do have a soft coral (Klyxum), but I was told that this coral was benign.

Salinity: 1.26 (tropic marine pro)
Calcium: >425 (C-Balance)
Alk:11.2 (4.00)
Nitrates: 0
PH: 8.1
Temp: 80
Phos: 1. (getting lower by the day with poly filter
zero ammonia & trites

I plan on getting the 2 little fishes phosphate reactor, however, which product doesn't leak aluminum?

Any clue why it appears slimer is going to die?

Please offer the simplest solution or purchase! That would be appreciated! I love my hobby, but I am not fanatical (my wife might disagree)! I have a career & family, so my time is limited. I spend about 2 hours once EVERY week, then about 15 to 30 minutes a day. That's all I can do.



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hard to tell from the pic. My slimer just slimes...except the time one tip died and a brown algae grew. What you have looks an awful lot like some algae blowing in the flow.

How can you tell if the tip is discharging? Is it constant brown stuff just emptying into the flow? The high alk and high PO4 could have contributed to a tip dying; especially if the alk is not rock solid. Like what I had happen.

if it is algae you can gently pull off or even treat area again with Reef Dip. Slimers grow pretty fast so it should be able to regrow over any dead area.

However if it is really brown discharge my first action would be to frag the tip and have a good look inside.


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I have read about zoox being released from acros somewhere but I dont know if this would be it.

Ralph ATL

Formerly mysterybox
Thanks for the replies! I snipped the tip off, everything looked fine, however! We shall see. Thanks again.