Please help me focus out how many radions


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I've got a 500 gallon tank PENINSULA style (so the rock is on the middle), mostly sps
The tank dimensions are 84L"x48W"x30H" I also have 4 72" Reefbrite XHO 2 are blue 2 are 50/50 white blue. In trying to figure out if I need

2 rows of 6 xr30
2 rows of 8 xr30
3 rows of 3 xr 30

3 rows of 5 xr15
3 rows of 18 xr15
2 rows of 6 xr15

I'm thinking about the future version of major colonies. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks folks

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2 rows of 4 (8 lights total) Mitras LX7206.
I have one row of 2 over my 48"x24"x24" 120.
These lights are so much better the Radions. Better built, better light, more controllable, more channels, and true UV.

Look up Keith at
to see what he's running over his new tank.


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I know Keith, I've spoken to him. The peninsula he has with the mitras are too new to say anything. I personaly already decided on radion so I would rather stick with that. (I'm indecisive as f$%k so don't start a war lol)


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I have an XR15 over a 2' cube. I wouldn't recommend stretching one any more than that.

I'd do at least two rows of XR15s spaced no more than 2' apart at a minimum.

If funding isn't an issue, I'd do the same thing with XR30s. I'd probably run them length wise to get the most out of the extra length.


Honestly I would go with kessill I am done with eco tech!! Nothing they make besides the MP 40’s I own (4) last! I’ve got 2 of 6 Radeon fixtures just died a week apart 4 years old , and I’ve had 2 vortechs die in the last 3 years, meanwhile my 15 year old metal halides still going strong as well as 3 -8 year old kessil tuna blues burning good,, just so disappointed with eco tech as a whole right now, and wouldn’t recommend anyone Thor products that seem way overpriced in hindsight