Please help me ID this coral


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The wife and I are in a disagreement. The LFS says its a wall coral. I have never heard of a wall coral. The wife says it's a goniopora but Im saying it's a cup coral. What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance



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I believe it is Pagoda (cup) coral. The scientific name is Turbinaria peltata. It is an easy animal to maintain, very tolerant of various lighting and water parameters. Be sure to brush off the detritus that will accumulate on the coral between the polyps as the flesh will receed if you do not do so.



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Yes, it does look like a pagoda (T. Peltata). I have 2 and as mentioned they will thrive under various conditions, mine like medium light and flow.

That one looks very healthy and has excellent PE!


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Thanks for the quick replies. Right now, it's placed low under 20K MH with a mild current from a wavemaker. She seems to be happy there.

Now I will go off and brag to the wife!

Thanks guys.


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I'd go with Pagoda as well. There's too many tentacles surrounding the mouths for it to be a Goniopora.