Please help me to choose which T5 set up to go with.


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tek fixture (6bulb) 234w + no VHO actinic
= 350 (fixture) +100 (6bulbs) + 58 (leg) = 498

tek retro (6bulb) 234w + no VHO actinic
= 300 (3 retro kits) + 100 (6bulbs) = 400

icecap 660 (4bulbs) 220-240w + VHO super actinic 190w
= 80 (used 660 ballast) + 80 (icecap slr reflector) +80 (bulbs) +90 (diy parts)
= 350 + VHO 95w for super actinic 110 = 460

Which way would you go and why?
I am leaning toward third choice.




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If you have a canopy and can mount the lights in the canopy, I would scratch option 1 and go with a reto. I've got both an IceCap 660 and a Tek retro kit ballast, and the IceCap has a much higher quality look and feel to it. While I don't think you would need the overdriven bulbs on a 40BR, I would pick the IceCap ballast over the Tek. I've never had VHO's so I can't comment on them.