Please Help--Sea Swirls


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Hello! I bought 2 3/4" Sea Swirls for my 125 pre-drilled reef tank. I went to and did not find enough info to hook this up.

Do I connect the Sea Swirls to the output of the overflow return or use powerheads (and if so what size is best?)

I do not know how much info is needed so--- I have a Dolphin Amp Master 3000 abrasive seal that runs the tank and an EV-180 skimmer and Phosban Reactor. The Amp Master runs to connect to Dolphin's 8 way connector (3/4" each). Connections include the 2 outputs into the tank, skimmer, Phosban, and the rest are now being used as returns.

Can anyone tell me or show me diagrams on how these things are supposed to be connectd for best efficency?

thank you in advance for your help!
don't have one but thinking of buying one... 1st have you gone to the their forum on RC?
as far as I see you just hook up a return hose to the top of the sea swirl to power it. that 's it.
I'm really not sure what your asking ?
I would connect them to your return pump. Youll have a higher rate of flow i would assume. Thats how i have mine setup.
I have a 3/4" model hooked up to one of the returns from my sump. I used solid PVC connections but you could just hook flexible hose on and clamp it.

You could use a powerhead, but if you have a return line coming back already, I'd use it (them) for the sea swirls and use the powerhead for somethings else.

I hope this helps!

If you have the pump connected to an 8 way manifold you should be getting about 800 GPH at each outlet (I used the RC calc @ 6'). That rate should be perfect for the sea swirls so just connect each one to a return line and you should be fine.
They are simply movable return lines.

Hook your returns up to them. Use powerhead (seio/tunze whatever) totally separately. If you're not using all 8 outputs, you may want to utilize some ball valve to vary flow by application (skimmer/phos/return/fuge/etc)

Thank you very much for your input.....

Initially I did a search for sea swirls but founf people wanting to buy or sell for the most part. what little documentation that came with the sea swirls included warnings of not overdoing the flow and such.

In just a few of your posts.....came with a lot of good ideas. I like knowing it could connect from the sump because then I have yet more output from the swirls also flowing into the tank. Yet it definitely seemd easier to connect the swirls directly to the output. How noticible is this from the outside?

I have also considered closing off some of those returns---of course then I have to make sure room for ball vavles and more hosing can fit down below....would closing off one or two create a real significant difference in efficienncy and flow?

Do preople that attach their outputs to the swirls also use powerheads for more flow?

do you leave the sea swirl on 24/7?

Does the placement of the sea swirls in any way make it more difficult for the halide lighting.

If you mounter these sea swirls on the side...was there a way you did so by making the mounts less noticible. from the outside of the tank in regard to the hanging brackets.

ok i am tired and better pack it in--will look forward to reading your replies.

thanks so much...........till later....
i have 2 ss and 3 tunze. Most people have both.

I run 24/7 although I may start dimming the tunze at night.

Place them where you like, be aware that you can modify the depth of the reurn in many ways by using loc-line, splitters, and other pvc. Pvc can be painted black with fusion paint, and it blends right in.

Another trick is to drill a 3/16 hole just below the water line on the return plumbing, this will minimize the amount of water draining back into the sump on power out.

and yes, I think directing the same flow through fewer outlets increases flow through those outlets.
ok capped off 2 of the returns thank you......definitely better flow

I was in process of building a canopy and stopped when weather got colder...just have the shell made. have temp. materials to keep light in. I will have to either notch the sides of the canopy or change the ss so it will fit.

not to sound silly--but still having a lot to learn..but about the tunzes.....are they basically strong kickbutt powerheads? or do they need to be hooked to a pump/powerhead line to run.

how are ss and tunzes different? why do you use both?

fusion this something that is ok if it is in the tank? where does one get this stuff?

yes, ss are strong kickbutt ph's, but they are also high volume, low force, which is what makes them special. Big money, but worth it.

Fusion is spray paint that can be used on plastic (bonds chemically) and once dry can be used underwater.
cool info about the fusion paint thanks....always wondered why pvc didn't come in black! glad to know it can be done!

are the tunzes pretty much the same as the ss?

what do you like better if you 'had' to choose and why?
no ss and powerheads are totally different.

SS are attached to your sump returns and rotate to ensure varied streams and mixing of water. The dont increase flow, they just redirect in a varying pattern.

Powerheads (seio/maxi/tunze/etc) are self contained and sit in the tank, sucking up water and pumping it out to create flow. The efficiency and quality varies, as does the price, but the principle is the same, to increase flow from a self contained fixture.