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My husbands 225 gallon tank is covered in these ployps.
It's killing his coral and is covering all the rocks. He has used Aptasia X, a laser and a fish he was told would eat the stuff. Is there anything we can do to get this under control?


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Are those palythoas? They look too big and solid to be aiptasia or mojano anemones. Maybe I am just not seeing it right in the picture, but it looks like unwanted coral.

If it's aiptasia or mojanos I would remove all the rock and bleach it. And I would keep all of the rock out of the tank for a few weeks to make sure none were growing or starting to grow in the sand bed before returning the rock to the tank. They can also grow on the glass.


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That you for reply. They are some kind of polyp but behave like aptasia. They grow and spread like crazy. If anyone has any idea of what they are or any fish that might eat them I would appreciate it.

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Copper Band butterfly fish are known to eat aptasia, problem being once the aptasia is gone they may starve as they are finicky eaters. The Matted filefish is also one to eat aptasia, but they will likely go after other corals, however I have heard of people using the filefish to rid the tank of aptasia and then removing it as filefish move relatively slow.

The preferred option to get some peppermint shrimp to eat the pest, as some will eat aptasia. And adding a few shrimp is not going to create any unwanted problems.

I am not 100% sure on any of my suggestions as I am not confident in what pest you have, these are suggestions for a treatment of aptasia that may carry over to whatever pest you have.