Please Help With Chiller


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My problem is installing the temp. controller.

I do not have any directions for the unit but I do know that it is a "Aqua Logic Cyclone Chiller w/ Titanium Coil" Model #CY-4

I have removed the ABS hood and uncovered the power cord but I see no where to plug in the temp. controller.

Does this have to be hard wired? I can't imagine a company would make something that difficult if that is the case.

A big big thanks in advance to anyone who has had this chiller and can help me. Or any good suggestions based on exp.

Thanks again.


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The electrical cord coming out of the chiller goes to the controller. If it is the Ranco controller, you plug it into the cord coming out the bottom of the controller. The plug coming out of the side of the controller is the one you want to plug into the outlet.


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That's a huge help! Thank you!

Sorry if that's a stupid question. ( I just didn't think of that)